101 Book Titles on Writing

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The Complete Collections that you need, literally 101 book titles on writing. Grab them all!

1. Daniel Middleton, The 7 Points of Write: An Essential Guide to Mastering the Art of Storytelling, Developing Strong Characters and Setting Memorable Scenes (711 Press Book Writing Series)

2. Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird: Some instructions in writing and life

3. Holly Lisle, Create a Language Clinic (Worldbuilding Series Book 1)

4. Holly Lisle, Create a Plot Clinic

5. Howard Lauther, Creating Characters: A Writer's Reference to Personality Traits that bring fictional people to life

6. Dwight Swain, Creating Characters: How to Build Story People

7. Mason Currey, Daily Rituals: How Artist Work (one of my favorites)

8. Dan Poynter, Self Publishing Manual 1: How to write print and sell your own book

9. Dan Poynter, Self Publishing Manual 2: How to write print and sell your own book

10. Eric Maisel, Deep writing: 7 Principles that bring ideas to life 

11. Monica Wood, Description (Elements of Fiction Writing)

12. David Farland, Drawing on the Power of Resonance on Writing

13. James Scott Bell, Elements of Fiction Writing: Conflict and Suspense

14. Everything Creative Writing

... and more

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101 Book Titles on Writing

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